- GLADYS DE FONTAINE by Quito de Bidache and Rasheba by Hamdani, 4 rankings in CEI

Gladys has producted Toscane d'Eppe by Melfik d'Alauze

- VEGA D'OR by Grand d'Escla and Dynamite III by Piaf ps

Vega has producted Spyro de Barzy and Twister d'Eppe by Oumzil Tobiha

- ARPETTE II by Rockefella and Rasheba by Hamdani

Arpette has producted Sherif d'Eppe by Oumzil Tobiha, Ultima Esperanza by Azziz de Gargassan, Vicky d'Eppe by Breck Zarith

- FARAH DE FONTAINE by Filou and Arpette II by Rockefella

Farah has producted Sky Roquette by Oumzil Tobiha, Tchad Roquette by Ofir al Hfifa, Vol de Mort by Tauqui el Masan

- OREE HOTSPUR by King Minos and Rouseyna by Rouse Nefous

Orée has producted Bob d'Eppe by Tango de la Saulire and Call of d'Eppe by Bekam de Piboul

- FACELIA DU MANDOIS by Ultra Chic and Pamelita by Jouan de Frely

Facelia has producted Pakito de Barzy by Almoutalib valmont  and Sabara d'Eppe by Nadjran


Espérance has product Shamirah de Barzy by Oumzil Tobiha

EUREDYCE DU MANDOI by Jasmin de Gruchy

Euredyce has producted Ultra d'Eppe by Ofir al hfifa