•   comfortable boxes 
  •   horses who feel well 
  •   daily relaxation in paddocks (except bad meteo)
  •   a pleasant horse training area for dressage 
  •   six hills of nearly 10 % one km long each  in Eppe Sauvage
  •   30 km of sandle gallop run in  Liessies (5mn with the van, 20 mn in trotting)
  •   40 km of grass gallop run in Sorbais (30 mn with the van)
  •   30 years of expérience with horses for Christophe and Nathalie (for each one)


- Ultima Esperanza 2nd CEI**  Pontchateau

- Ryiad Hissane 11ème CEI** Fontainebleau, 20ème CEIO***Compiegne, 1ère CEI** Le Pertre, 4th CEI*** Rambouillet

- Toscane d'Eppe 1ère 90km Compiegne, excellente championnat de france young horses Uzés

- Schwarzy first and Kronos second 90km VI Compiegne, Pakito fifth

 - SHALIKHAN (first  Fischerhude CEI***, second Sangatte CEI**, third Montlesoie CEI**, 14 ranking in CEI)

- SHAMIRAH DE BARZY (first of 6 years young horses challenge ,third in Dubai at 28,5 km on 150 competitors CEI**)

- SABARA D'EPPE (fourth of young horses challenge)

- QUEOPS DES AUBEPINES (sixth CEI* Compiegne)

- YESMANE (first CEI** Sangatte)